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About us...

R.F. Partridge & Associates is a representative sales and engineering company founded in 1983. We are responsible for the sales activities of our principal manufacturing companies in California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii.

Catering mainly to the electrical industry, R.F. Partridge & Associates is well positioned to represent engineering consultants, high-end manufacturers within the electrical utilities, and industrial plants.  Representing eight manufacturer’s product lines, depending on the territory, product synergy is important when covering as many facets of power generation and distribution as possible.

A reputation you can trust...

Having served a large customer base within the designated territories for over 35 years, R.F. Partridge & Associates has become known in the industry for honesty, integrity and the ability to offer dependable products and services. The products offered by R.F. Partridge & Associates are all high end, quality products, that give the customer long-term benefits rather than initially competitive pricing advantages.

With an extremely low staff turnover, we have developed an unsurpassed product knowledge base. This has been achieved by maintaining a lean, hard-working, capable staff with integrity and excellent customer relationships.  We have a very good mix in both the generation of sales and maintaining good customer support. 

How can we help you... 

Our goal is to represent only the products that provide a completely engineered package to our segment of the market, so as to provide a turnkey solution to our customers.

To learn about the many product lines that we can offer you please click around or contact us at 562.802.7345 or sales@rfpartridge.com.  Thanks for stopping in!


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